A Word From The CEO

Looking back at the history of human development, the Renaissance brought about a revolution of art and science. This led to an ascension of  human minds and lives which elevated mankind from the medieval times into the modern era.  About three hundred years later, the First Industrial Revolution transformed manufacturing processes from human labor into machines. It soon followed by the Second and the Third Industrial Revolution within the next century.  Production evolved further to be driven by electricity and computing devices.  Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has roared in like a tsunami wave. Cloud computing, Big Data and artificial intelligence dominates in future technology development. One can expect that this wave of Industrial Revolution will contribute far more impacts to the future of mankind than any before it!

Since Axcen was founded in 2002, we have pragmatically focused our product development in the optical communications industry, aiming to play a leading role in the photonic integration of optical, mechanical, and electrical technologies. Through this core competency, we are seeking the greatest benefits for our employees and shareholders, as well as maximizing the values of our customers’ products that provides a safer, more convenient and comfortable life to our society.

Facing the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one should be even more conscious about the meaning and the value as an individual and a corporation -- How to pursue the innovation and business interests of the corporation while maintaining one’s most valued morals, and to be adamant in protecting the environment and our earth, so that one, as a citizen of the world, can stand unwaveringly in the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to contribute to human society. Thus fulfilling one’s responsibility as a citizen of the world.