May 2002 Axcen Photonics Corporation was incorporated in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, with an initial capital of NT$500,000
May 2002 Capital injection of NT$158,630,000.  The total capital was NT$159,130 after the capital injection.
Nov. 2002 Capital injection of NT$8,900,000.  The total capital was NT$168,030 after the capital injection.
Dec. 2002 Successfully developed 1x9 DSC type Single-Mode Gigabit Transceiver。
Jan. 2003 Successfully developed GBIC and SFF Optical Transceiver。
Apr. 2003 Successfully developed SFP Optical Transceiver。
Jun. 2003 Optical Transceiver received CSA and TUV Certifications for safety testing
Nov. 2003 Successfully developed 2x Fiber Channel SFP Optical Transceiver。
Jan. 2004 Productionized the new Push-Bottom type SFP Optical Transceiver
Feb. 2004 Pass the evaluation and certification for SGS ISO 9001:2000
Feb. 2005 Productionized 1000 BaseT Copper SFP Optical Transceiver
Jun. 2005 Capital injection of NT$64,970,000.  The total capital was NT$233,000,000 after the capital injection.
Sep. 2006 Capital injection of NT$67,000,000.  The total capital was NT$300,000,000 after the capital injection.
Mar. 2008 Productized full-line SFP series Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) products, including Duplex and BiDi  SFP
Mar. 2009 GEPON ONU Transceiver received formal recognition from Japan NTT
Jun. 2011 Productized 10Gbps SFP plus short reach series products
Jun. 2013 Productized first-ever Taiwanese-made Compact SFP (CSFP) product in full MSA compliance
Jun. 2014 Received Japanese patent #5553919 for
Jul. 2014 Productized GE PON BOSA series products
Aug. 2014 Received Taiwanese patent # I447503 for “OPTOELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH IMPROVED LENS CAP”
Jun. 2015 Successfully filed as an emerging stock, ID#6530.
Dec. 2015 Productized 10Gbps SFP plus long reach series products
Mar. 2016 Productized Extended-Industrial-Grade series products