10G SFP+

10G SFP+ is specifically designed for the high performance integrated duplex data link over multi-mode or single mode optical fiber, especially for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. This transceiver module is compliant with the Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) Multi-Source Agreement (SFF-8432). An enhanced Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface has been incorporated into the Axcen SFP Transceiver. Real time monitors of temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output power and receiving output power are provided, based on the SFF-8472. The applications include: 8.5G Fiber Channel, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.


10Gbps SFP+ with DMI (10G Ethernet/10GBase)

Part No. Wavelength
Media Power
Abbreviation Distance Datasheet
AXXE-5886-05B1 850 MMF -7.3 ~ -1 -9.1 SFP+ -10G-SR Up to 300m
AXXE-3386-0531 1310 SMF -8.2 ~ +0.5 -14.4 SFP+ -10G-LR 10km
AXXE-3386-0581 1310 SMF -5.0 ~ +0.5 -14.4 SFP+-10G- ELR 20km
New AXXE-3586-0591 1550 SMF -4.7 ~ +4.0 -14.1 SFP+-10G-ER 40km